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Responsibility and sense of mission
Every aspect of an enterprise contains and embodies the concept of "responsibility". We conduct our business activities with sincerity and responsibility, subject to the fundamental principles.
Respect and care for our employees
Environmental responsibility
In the green industry, we try to make the right environmental decisions for ourselves.
Business ethics/professional conduct
We carry out honest and trustworthy, fair and just cooperative relations with business partners and suppliers.
We are diligent and meticulous to ensure the high quality of our products.
global community
We are part of a global community with a greater social responsibility.
Main Highlights
To provide employees with a more favorable working and living environment, improve dormitories, canteens and safety standards and conditions, we have invested millions in facilities.
To foster teamwork, create a good working environment conducive to learning and promote open communication, we have established an extensive labor relations program.
To facilitate dialogue between senior leadership and employees, we conduct regular employee communication meetings.
To enhance the health and well-being of our employees, we regularly host recreational, social and community service activities.
To promote the career development of employees within the company, we have established a career enhancement program.