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Characteristics and main applications of brushless DC pumps

Date: 2022-07-27 14:12:58    Views: 191

As the global "home economy" has spawned more consumer demand for home appliances, especially small home appliance drinking products, such as American coffee machines, hot drink machines, tea making machines, beverage machines, and under-the-kitchen water heaters, have received unprecedented attention. Many domestic and foreign manufacturers have deployed the small household appliance market one after another. There is an important core component in these small household appliances - brushless DC water pump. Today, the engineer will show you what is a brushless DC water pump? What are its characteristics and applications?
What is a brushless DC pump?
Brushless DC water pump refers to a machine that uses DC 4.5V ~ 24V to drive a brushless motor, and the rotation of the brushless motor drives the impeller to rotate, thereby increasing the liquid pressure to achieve the function of transmitting liquid.
What are the characteristics of brushless DC pumps?
1. Using better DC frequency conversion technology, higher efficiency and lower noise;
2. Complete isolation between the motor and the liquid, static seal design, long-term use will never leak;
3. Built-in variable frequency brushless DC motor, no carbon brush wear problem, low power, small temperature rise, and a life span of more than 20,000 hours;
4. Using a proprietary high-efficiency structure design, the performance output is higher, the power consumption is lower, and the volume is small;
5. The built-in chip can link different external inputs, and realize the function of flow regulation through PWM pulse width frequency control or 0∽5V voltage control.
Which small household appliances are brushless DC pumps mainly used in? What are the characteristics?
As early as 2005, it has entered the European and American small household appliance drinking market through a variety of food-grade brushless DC pumps. . In recent years, it has also been widely used in domestic hot drink machines, commercial carbonated drink machines, coffee machines and other small household appliances.
The application of brushless DC pump in small household appliances has the following characteristics:
1. Food grade water pump, safe and reliable. All brushless DC pumps used in small household appliances have passed food-grade certification (hereinafter referred to as food-grade pumps), such as FDA, NSF, REACH, RoHS, WRAS and other international certifications.
2. Small size and light weight. The structure design is compact, and the structural design plan can be made for customers to match the interior space of small household appliances.
3. High temperature resistance. Food-grade water pumps are made of imported raw materials, which will not crack at high temperatures. If the plastic material imported from Japan is used, no return material and mixed material will be added, and it can withstand high temperature of 105°C. Can meet hot drinks machine.
4. More silent. The patented silent design of the food-grade water pump, the batch consistency of noise is generally 3-5dB lower than the models with the same parameters in the industry.
5. The life span is 20,000 hours and above.
6. A variety of customized functions to realize intelligent speed regulation and speed feedback.
Through the above brief introduction, I hope you have a certain understanding of choosing brushless DC pumps/food-grade water pumps in small household appliances drinking equipment.