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TA50/S Motorcycle Cooling Water Pump

Maximum flow: 23L; Maximum lift: 3M; Rated voltage: 12V 24V; Impeller type: Open impeller;



Steam engine preheating and heating system (steam booster heater, parking heater);

Motorcycle water cooling, electric vehicle cooling cycle system, automobile engine cooling cycle;

Conventional hot water circulation, liquid transfer, general purpose pump;


1. DC brushless motor, long life 20000 hours

2. Can work continuously for 24 hours/day for a long time

3. Liquid: pure water antifreeze

4. Vibration resistance, static seal, no leakage

5. Motor optimized design, extremely small temperature rise

6. Stall protection, polarity protection, over temperature protection

7. Professionally designed rubber mounting bracket, which can be well used in the vibration working conditions of the car

8. Professional electronic component design can be applied to high peak voltage or unstable voltage in the power supply mode of automobile

9. Professional car waterproof terminal

10. Maintenance-free, low power consumption, dustproof and waterproof grade IP67

11. Resistant to extreme low temperature of -45℃, high temperature of 125℃ can run stably for a long time

Professional advantage                                   

The standard car connection water inlet has an outer diameter of 20mm; the water outlet has an outer diameter of 22mm and professional waterproof terminals. The water pump can be quickly and effectively integrated into the car.

-45°C~125°C operating temperature, even in extremely harsh environmental conditions, TOPSFLO TA50 engine preheat and parking heater water pump can provide an efficient working environment for the car.

Polarity protection can protect the pump from being burnt out due to wrong connection of positive and negative poles.

TA50 series water pump can be used for most automobile engine cycle applications. It has the characteristics of professional design and professionalism, high efficiency, low power consumption and stable performance. The long-life brushless motor technology provides you with a lifetime of zero maintenance and silent service. This pump can be used for car engine cycling, preheating, parking heating or any other cycle that cannot be used by other circulating pumps.



modelProduct numberMaximum flow (L/Min)



Rated current(A)

Max lift(M)



Customized: FG(RPM) signal line

■ Curves and Dimensions(mm)               


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