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LD-C04 Micro DC Food Grade Water Pump

Max Flow: 44L/MIN 48L/MIN; Max Head: 7M 8M; Rated Voltage: 12V / 24V; Impeller Type: Enclosed Impeller; Weight: 433g;

LD-C04 is a miniature brushless DC magnetic drive centrifugal pump. This series of pumps is designed to be compact, lightweight and very quiet. Including leak-free static seal, wide range of operating voltage, stable performance, long life, food-grade materials, high temperature resistance and many other features.


1. DC brushless motor, long life, large flow

2. Liquid: pure water, antifreeze, other

3. Advanced magnetic drive technology, static seal, no leakage

4. Motor optimized design, extremely small temperature rise

5. Guarantee function: over-voltage protection, over-current protection, idling protection, locked-rotor protection

6. Specially designed rubber mounting bracket

7. Waterproof grade: IP68

8. Low or zero maintenance

9. Low power consumption

Polarity protection can protect the pump from being burnt out due to wrong connection of positive and negative poles.

LD-C04 series water pump can be used for most intelligent toilet water circulation applications. It has the characteristics of professional design and professionalism, high efficiency, low power consumption and stable performance. The long-life brushless motor technology provides you with zero maintenance and silent operation. Serve.

More applications:

1. Zero water pressure smart toilet

2. Smart bathtub

3. Dishwasher

4. Tankless smart toilet flush

5. Other bathroom and kitchen equipment

6. It needs pressurization and circulating refrigeration equipment

Technical indicators:

Maximum flow44L/Min 48L/Min
Max lift7M 8M
Rated voltage12V 24V
Impeller Typeclosed impeller
liquid temperature0~70℃
Pump principlecentrifugal pump
Motor typeBrushless DC Motor
mediumwater, antifreeze
waterproof levelIP68
place of useindoor
Operating voltage range12V /24V
Power54 W-64.8W
1 meter noise ≤48dB(A)
Life20000 Hours
Way of workingcontinuous
Outer diameter of water outlet20mm
Outer diameter of water inlet20mm
Power supplyDC power supply, battery
Protective functionOvervoltage, overcurrent, stall, idling protection (customizable: FG signal line, 5V speed regulation, PWM duty cycle speed regulation, S diving)
NotesNo self-priming function

Product parameters:

ModelProduct codeMax flow (L/Min)Voltage(VDC)Current (A)Max lift(M)Power(W)

Curve and size:

TL-C04 微型直流食品级水泵-1.jpg

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