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LD-B03 hot drink machine water pump

Maximum flow: 7L/MIN; Maximum head: 3M; Rated voltage: 12V/24v; Impeller type: Open impeller; Food grade (Y/N): Yes; 100°C high temperature resistance; Customized brushless DC water pump development;


LD-B series is a miniature brushless DC magnetic drive centrifugal pump, the pump design of this series is compact, lightweight and silent. Including leak-free static seal, wide range of operating voltage, stable performance, long life, food-grade materials, high temperature resistance and many other features.

more apps:                         

1. Drinking machine, hot drink machine, coffee machine, vending machine

2. Instant-on hot and cold beverage equipment, water cooling cycle, beverage machine

3. Car wipers

■ Pump Features                             

1. High temperature resistance, not stuck

2. Global selection of high-quality raw materials, all parts in contact with liquids have obtained FDA, NSF grade, and WRAS certification

3. Compact design, silent ≤35dB(A), powerful brushless motor suitable for long-term continuous work,

4. Efficient ECM brushless motor, long life 20000 hours, advanced magnetic drive technology, static seal, no leakage

5. Imported raw materials, resistant to high temperature of 100°C; long-term high temperature use, lower temperature rise and more stable

6. High temperature exhaust design, effectively solve the problem of cavitation, intelligent control speed regulation


■ Pump use                              

   Brushless centrifugal pumps are professionally designed for general, commercial and industrial applications, ideal for pump circulation applications.

■ Precautions                               

1. Before use, please confirm whether the conditions of the place you use meet the scope of use and performance requirements.

2. If the pump falls into water or other liquids, do not use it when it is uncertain whether there is any residual liquid in the stator part of the pump.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use liquid with impurities or magnetic conductive particles.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use it in the sun.

5. It is strictly forbidden to connect AC voltage or DC voltage greater than 30V, and it is strictly forbidden to connect the positive and negative poles in reverse.

■ parameter                                      

ModelProduct NumberMaximum flow (L/Min)



Rated current


Max lift(M)



Customized: 1. /PWM or /5V speed control 2. /FG (RPM) signal line

■ Curves and Dimensions(mm)            


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